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Storm damage

Damage Storms Can Cause

Severe storms can be furious and frightening, and safety has to be your first priority. If your area has seen serious storm-related damage, be careful. If you think your home has been structurally damaged or flooding risk is a problem, keep your distance. Spending a few nights away is a small price to pay.

Once the disaster has passed, it’s important to assess the damage and plan for remediation. Below, learn about the problems different storm systems can cause and how to stay safe in different circumstances.

Storm Damage Insurance

The payout you get from insurance depends on policy specifics, the severity of harm to your property, your property value and more.

Keep track of the damage, keep all receipts and call your insurer and a storm damage contractor.

Storm Damage Scenarios

  • Damage from Flooding: Water from floods can seep into foundations, ruin drywall, carpet and framing, lead to mold problems and cause other problems.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Damage: Circular winds can completely destroy, including catastrophic damage to roofs, windows, siding and landscaping.
  • Wind-related Property Damage: This can damage structures, lead to broken windows, damage landscaping and electricity hookups and more.
  • Hail Storm Damage: Severe hail can cause shingle and siding damage, leading to long-term leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Winter Storms: Heavy snow can cause collapsed roofs, break branches and power poles, and cause other harm.

Find an Experienced Storm Repair Team

Danger is high after a storm, and a professional restoration service company can help you get repairs done right. Contact us today.