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Storm damage

Severe Weather Damage Scenarios

Severe storms can be furious and frightening, and you should put safety first. If your region has seen major problems, be careful. If you think your home has been structurally damaged or flood risk remains, don’t go inside. Spending a few nights at a friend’s house or in an emergency shelter is a small thing compared to your health.

Once the danger has passed, it’s vital to check out the damage and start cleaning up. Below, learn about the damage different kinds of storms can cause and how you can protect your structure in different situations.

Storm Damage Insurance

How much you get from insurance depends on premiums and deductibles, the severity of harm to your property, the previous condition of the property and more.

The more quickly you, the easier getting payouts will be. You could lose your chance if you don’t act with urgency.

Storm Damage Scenarios

  • Winter Storm Damage: Heavy snow can cause roofs to fail, break branches and power poles, and much more.
  • Hail Storm Damage: Major hail storms can damage siding and shingles, leading to long-term leaks and compounding damage.
  • Flood Damage: Floods can get into your building’s foundation, ruin drywall, carpet and framing, lead to mold growth and much more.
  • Damage from Wind Storms: This can damage structures, break windows, destroy trees and landscaping and electric systems and cause other problems.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Damage: Circular wind storms can cause serious damage to all parts of your property, like catastrophic damage to roofs, windows, siding and landscaping.

Hire an Experienced Damage and Remediation Professional

Danger is high after a storm, and a professional can help you get repairs done right. Reach out to us right away.